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Code of Ethics

All Cascade Booksellers Association members shall be responsible for understanding and use of the specific terminology of the trade.

A member shall be responsible for accurately describing and pricing all material for sale in all selling venues. All significant defects, restorations, and changes should be noted and made known to the the buyers. In addition, if a member has improperly described the item, or simply failed to see a flaw, they must accept return of the items.

A member shall have all material offered for sale clearly marked with the selling price. Material not for sale, or in the process of being catalogued should be clearly separated.

A member shall be responsible for passing to the buyer clear title to all material sold, and shall not knowingly purchase, hold, or attempt to resell stolen materials.

Terms and conditions of sale should be clearly and explicitly stated on websites, catalogues, and in offers. In addition, it should be made clear whether or not material is offered subject to prior sale.

A member should permit any other Cascade Booksellers Association member in good standing to buy from his, or her inventory offered for sale, and to extend to all members a reciprocal trade discount.

A member offering appraisal services shall be responsible for knowing current appraisal regulations as stipulated by the IRS. A member shall conduct such appraisals in strict compliance with these regulations.

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CBA Bylaws rev 2018

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